Steel Staircase for WeWork, Blackfriars Bridge, London

LTB appointed us to design a basement-to-ground-floor steel staircase at a new WeWork office just south of Blackfriars Bridge, London. This is one of a handful of jobs we’ve done for LTB at WeWork offices over the years (here are the others!).

  • Client: LTB
  • Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job Date: December 2020

The staircase needed to span over 9 metres, without support posts. This is normally achieved with an off-the-shelf structural steel section such as channel or box section. In this case, however, the stringer had to look as slim as possible. Furthermore, it could be no wider than the balustrade bolted to it. Our team achieved the desired specifications by fabricating a hollow box section from 15mm plates, welded together to make a section size of 400mm x 75mm. The plates were fully welded together to give the strength required. The welds were ground flat to achieve a clean look.

Each stringer was made in two sections and spliced back together on site before erecting. Here is the staircase in our workshop:

Each stringer, once assembled, weighed over 800kgs! We took great care to avoid damaging the finishes. Roustabout lifting gear erected the stringers.

The balustrade is bolted directly to the top of each stringer. Because it needed to fit perfectly, we assembled the stair and made the balustrades on the stringers in our workshop. Then we dismantled it all and sent it to be powder coated by Mulberry and Pier.

We also delivered a raised floor area and ramp balustrade for the ground floor, in the same style. We delivered and completed the works in plenty of time before handover. There was also minimal touching up of the paintwork!

What do you think of the finished staircase?

Note: you can click on each photo to enlarge it.

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