Steel Staircase at Project Q, Thames Barrier, London

LSJ Engineering built a steel staircase for Project Q at London’s Thames Barrier in autumn 2020.

We were employed by construction management company Chisholm and Winch to design, supply and fit a steel staircase to the new Thames Barrier control building in south east London, constructed by Balfour Beatty.

This was a simple stair, except that the half landing had to be radiused on-plan to match the RC (reinforced concrete) frame of the wall adjacent. An electronic laser survey of the curved RC wall was taken, and the stair built to fit. Furthermore, Chisholm and Winch had to ensure the build up of insulation and plasterboard, applied to the RC, perfectly matched the wall behind. The stair was trial-built at our works in Shoeburyness, Essex. This was to check the rolled stringers were a perfect fit to the laser-cut landing plates, so all fitted the wall without gaps or clashes.

Once powder coated a rather bright yellow off-site, the stair was delivered and fitted on site without any issues!

What do you think of the finished product?

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External Staircase Replacement in Harrow

We were commissioned by ACAI Group to replace a badly corroded external staircase at the rear of a property in Harrow.

The existing stair, being probably in excess of 20 years old, did not conform to current regulations and nor could the replacement stair due to the space restrictions, so permission was granted by Building Control to replace ‘like for like’ in terms of tread goings and risers.

At the time our in house drafting facilities were very busy on other projects so the design work and drawings were carried out by Sam Thewsey of DSD Ltd.

As this was an office access stair, we carried out the removal and replacement over 4 long days, partly over a weekend, to minimise disruption to the businesses.

The new stair stringers, treads and balustrade were hot dip galvanized for durability.

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Feature Staircase for Xero, Kings Cross, London

We were commissioned by Denton Associates to design a feature staircase for an office fit out for Xero in Kings Cross.

The challenge here was that the stair ran from 7th to 8th floor levels, and the only access was via a 2.5m long lift, so all the stair stringer and balustrade sections had to be less than this in length. They still required powder coating off site.

Our team designed the stringers to have neat joints to allow them to be bolted together once at the correct level and be as strong as if they were on one piece.

The half landing support posts formed an ‘X’ to reflect the end client’s logo.

The perforated balustrade panels were bespoke punched to form neat borders around each, the copper handrails were fitted by others.

LSJ also undertook the demolition works to form the stair void opening in the 8th floor slab.

This was subcontracted to Evolution Enabling of Rayleigh, who installed a crash deck, saw cut and removed the slab, which was equally as challenging as the stair install.

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Feature Steel Staircase for Harmony, Oxford St, London

LSJ Engineering was commissioned by L&J Contracts of Rayleigh to design, supply and fit a feature steel staircase to a new Harmony flagship store in Oxford Street, central London.

The staircase was to have an industrial look and was designed to fit a budget given to us. We suggested a steel stair and balustrade, all powder coated, with a stainless steel horizontal tensioned wire infill. The finished steel staircase looks fantastic in the finished shop!

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Secondary Steelwork for Comast Construction Ltd, City Island, East London

The LSJ Engineering team worked on this project for over two years, for Comcast Construction.

We carried out various secondary steelwork structures to a site in East London for Comast Construction, who were under contract to Ballymore Group.

The works partly consisted of steel roof and staircase structures connected to a reinforced concrete building. The biggest challenge was our extremely difficult access problems!

We achieved the safe install of the new roof structure by using a truck-mounted access platform and a 5 axle Speiring mobile tower crane from City Lifting.

The internal steelwork and stair structures were erected using manual lifting gear such a chain blocks and scissor lift access platforms.

Take a look at the plans and construction process below!


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Steel Feature Staircase at Berners St, Westminster, London

  • Client: Oktra
  • Modelled by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job date: May 2020

The  LSJ Engineering team was appointed by Oktra, an office fit out company, to design, supply and fit a feature staircase for their Berners St project in Westminster, London.

This stair is unusual in that the stair stringers extend to full height to form the balustrades, with handrails fixed to the inside face. The design made the install quite challenging, as the large powder-coated sections had to be manually taken through a double door, around internal doorways and lifted down to basement level. This all had to be done without damaging the finishes…

The area in which the stair was installed was very tight, so we trial erected the stair in our workshop. When we did the trial, we discovered a major problem fitting the treads. In such a small space, this would have stopped the install. As it was, we changed a few design details, and installation went very smoothly and ahead of programme.

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External Basement Access Staircase at Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London

  • Client: ACAI Group
  • Modelled by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job date: June 2020

LSJ Engineering was commissioned by ACAI Group to replace a badly corroded external basement access staircase at their property in Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London.

The existing stair, being probably in excess of 30 years old, did not conform to current regulations and nor could the replacement stair due to the space restrictions. Therefore, permission was granted by Building Control to replace ‘like for like’ in  terms of tread goings and risers.

The new stair stringers and balustrade were powder-coated in an external grade finish prior to installment; the treads were hot dip galvanized rather than powder coated for durability.

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Internal Fire Escape Stairs for WeWork East Road

  • Client: LTB
  • Modelled by: Mark Ebbs
  • Date: June-July 2018

We were asked to design, supply and fit a nine story internal fire escape stair in a new building for LTB, who have the contract to refit offices for WeWork.

The stair ran up through voids in the concrete floors which were already formed during the building’s construction. The stair stringers were supported at each level from the floor slabs,that half landings were supported on posts.

A 3D survey was taken ofthe whole stair void area, and we carried out the full design of the stair which had a balustrade with perforated sheet infill panels, all powder coated off site.

The stair stringers were produced by laser cutting them from steel plate in one piece each,this was carried out by Pegasus Profiles, who have CNC machines large enough to do this.

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Notting Hill Gate Acoustic Enclosures & Bin Store

We designed and supplied three acoustic roof plant enclosures by Collins Construction at their Notting Hill Gate project.

The main works were a refurbishment and remodelling of an office and retail space next to Notting Hill Gate station.

The building had two floors added, making it 5 stories high, and new rooftop air handling plant had to be installed bearing onto the CLT roof decking.

LSJ Engineering were commissioned by Collins to design the galvanized steel enclosures that supported and hid the plant. Working as a team with Collins, the M&E supplier, the project architect and the acoustic louver cladding contractor, we carried out a full structural design to achieve this.

The particular challenge was supporting the plant enclosures on a timber CLT roof deck. We achieved this by introducing steel spreader beams that spanned the existing steel structure below the roof deck and built the structures onto these.

Each enclosure was sited on a different roof area and level of the building, we used a City Lifting 5 axle Spiering mobile tower crane to reach the different areas, deliver and erect the structures,which weighed between 5 and 10 tonnes in total.

We were then asked to replace an existing ground floor bin store palisade fence enclosure using similar details, but as there was no requirement for acoustic louvers, only visual ones to screen the area, we supplied and fitted these in powder coated aluminium. Spreader beams at base level were still required because the mains services running below the existing concrete slab made digging foundations risky.

Access Staircases at Linden Court, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

  • Client: Dedman Property Management
  • Modelled by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job Date: late 2016

We were commissioned to design and supply two replacement access staircases to the rear of a private block in Leigh-on-Sea by the building management company.

They had to be functional, comply to current building regulations and have a minimum life of 30 years, which the hot dip galvanized finish will give with the correct maintenance.

The existing staircases were made from steel and concrete but were old, very rusty and did not comply to current regulations and as a result were quite dangerous.

We designed and fitted the new staircases in around 6 weeks from start to finish. The new staircases were fitted using a small mobile crane and ‘cherry pickers’ for safe height access.

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