Strengthening Beams at Atria Shopping Centre, Watford

In April 2023, T&B appointed LSJ Engineering to fit strengthening beams to concrete flooring in Watford, Hertfordshire. Due to cracks found in a concrete floor slab at the Atria shopping centre, T&B appointed our team to erect 11 strengthening beams to the underside of the concrete. These beams were delivered at night and weighed nearlyContinue reading “Strengthening Beams at Atria Shopping Centre, Watford”

Fire Escape, Woodside, London

T&B Contractors commissioned our team to construct an external fire escape in Woodside, north London. This was a challenging project, because our work needed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s not always easy to make fire escapes look pretty! T&B awarded LSJ Engineering the contract to design, supply and erect a feature externalContinue reading “Fire Escape, Woodside, London”

Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London

In 2015, T&B Contractors commissioned us to construct a staircase with balustrades. This was for Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford, east London. This staircase is an unusual design. One large support stringer runs up the centre of the staircase, with steel plate treads on top, cantilevered out each side. As the balustrade follows the shapeContinue reading “Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London”

New Build for Capel Manor School, Enfield, London

T&B Contractors commissioned LSJ Engineering to construct a structural steel new build for Capel Manor School in Enfield, north London. This was a new build structure of around 40 tonnes. 40 tonnes is fairly lightweight for a building of this size, which is only a single story. That said, a double pitched roof made theContinue reading “New Build for Capel Manor School, Enfield, London”