New Build for Capel Manor School, Enfield, London

T&B Contractors commissioned LSJ Engineering to construct a structural steel new build for Capel Manor School in Enfield, north London.

  • Client: T&B Contractors
  • Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job Duration: 2016

This was a new build structure of around 40 tonnes. 40 tonnes is fairly lightweight for a building of this size, which is only a single story. That said, a double pitched roof made the structure complicated. It also curved on plan.

Our Tekla 3D modelling and drawing software allows our team to detail structures with great accuracy. We can order curved sections to be made exactly as required from CNC files. This makes fabrication quicker and ensures the final site erection goes very smoothly.

Accurate setting out and installation of the column holding down bolts is critical – especially with a structure this complex! Again, our drawing software ties this process into the design from the start, so we are able to issue very good setting out information to the groundworks contractor.

Here are some of the construction photos! Not a bad view… What do you think of it?

Note: you can click on the images to enlarge them.

Are you interested in commissioning a construction project from LSJ Engineering?

Do you like the look of the work we did at Capel Manor School? Our team is available for commercial steel work projects. To learn more, get in touch here or email us via Alternatively, phone us on 01702 290 585. You can find more of our structural steel work projects here.

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