Feature Staircase at Mortimer St, Mayfair, London (Mortimer St Part Two)

Last summer we shared the start of a project at Mortimer St, in Mayfair in London. That job – part of a building refurbishment – was a vertical extension. Here is the second part of the project: an unusual featured staircase! GPF Lewis awarded the LSJ Engineering team the contract to complete the design, thenContinue reading “Feature Staircase at Mortimer St, Mayfair, London (Mortimer St Part Two)”

Feature Staircase for Xero, Kings Cross, London

Denton Associates commissioned LSJ Engineering to design a feature staircase for an office fit out for Xero in Kings Cross. Client: Denton Associates Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs The challenge on this job was that the stair ran from 7th to 8th floor levels, and the only access was via a 2.5m long lift. ThisContinue reading “Feature Staircase for Xero, Kings Cross, London”

External Basement Access Staircase at Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London

ACAI Group commissioned us to replace a badly corroded external basement access staircase at their property in Old Burlington Street in Mayfair, London. Client: ACAI Group Modelled by: Mark Ebbs Job date: June 2020 The existing staircase, which was probably over 30 years old, did not conform to current safety regulations. Due to space restrictions,Continue reading “External Basement Access Staircase at Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London”

Access Staircases at Linden Court, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Dedman Property Management commissioned LSJ Engineering to replace access staircases for the Linden Court flats in the lovely seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. This was quite a local job for us, as we are based just up the road in Shoeburyness! Our new stairs needed to be functional, comply to current building regulations and haveContinue reading “Access Staircases at Linden Court, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex”

Staircase for WeWork Finsbury Pavement, London

LTB commissioned LSJ Engineering to construct a staircase for the WeWork building in Finsbury Pavement, London. We have done a handful of jobs for LTB and WeWork – here are the others! This job, at Finsbury Pavement in London, is one of several staircases we have supplied for LTB. LTB have the contract to refit offices for officeContinue reading “Staircase for WeWork Finsbury Pavement, London”

Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London

In 2015, T&B Contractors commissioned us to construct a staircase with balustrades. This was for Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford, east London. This staircase is an unusual design. One large support stringer runs up the centre of the staircase, with steel plate treads on top, cantilevered out each side. As the balustrade follows the shapeContinue reading “Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London”