Horatio’s Garden, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

In 2018, Boom Construction commissioned us to create a new build for Horatio’s Garden at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Horatio’s Garden is part of Stoke Mandeville’s National Spinal Injuries Centre in Buckinghamshire. You might recognise Stoke Mandeville as the historical home of the Paralympic Games.

Horatio’s Garden is charity-funded and we don’t often work on hospital sites, so this was unusual for us. Structurally and technically, this job was fascinating… although it was also a challenge!

  • Client: Boom Construction
  • Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs
  • Job Duration: February 2018-September 2018

We designed, supplied and fit quite an unusual structure in order to create the new building. Formed by steel plate ‘wings,’ the building is supported on columns and restrained by torsion rods. The wings are timber-clad, with window support frames suspended from the ends. The wings create the illusion of a floating structure! The design process was quite complicated… Thankfully, we have state-of-the-art drawing software which allowed us to model the structure. We then had the sections CNC laser cut for accuracy. Although this was a complex project, we completed it in just eight months.

We really think we achieved our ‘floating structure’ aim despite our design challenges, which is gratifying. We’re also proud to have played a small part in improving patients’ experience at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. What do you think of the finished building and garden?

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Want to know more about the project? Horatio’s Garden featured on ITV News back in 2017! Here’s the segment:

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