Staircase for WeWork, Merchant Square, London

In 2019, LTB Ltd commissioned us to construct a staircase for the WeWork building in Merchant Square, London.

  • Client: LTB
  • Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs and Draft Structural Detailing
  • Job Duration: May-August 2019

We designed, supplied and fitted a single story feature stair in an existing building for LTB (LTB has the contract to refit offices for WeWork). The stair runs from level 6 to 7 in an otherwise occupied building. Our only access to the work areas, therefore, was via a small service lift. This meant all stair parts and void support steel work had to be a maximum of 3m long! We designed the stair with extra splice joints in the stringers. This is not something we would normally do, but in this instance WeWork were happy to see these joints. They even asked us to highlight them by leaving the connection bolts unpainted! The other unusual feature of this stair was that the half landing was supported by hanging rods from the steel beams, rather than on posts below.

Are you interested in commissioning a staircase from LSJ Engineering?

If you like the look of the finished staircase we created for WeWork, we are open for commercial steelwork projects. Get in touch here, email or call 01702 290 585. You can view write ups of our other staircase projects here.

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