Steel Feature Staircase at Berners St, Westminster, London

Oktra, an office fit out company, commissioned the LSJ team to design, supply and fit a feature staircase for their Berners St project in Westminster, London. The staircase’s design complicated this job somewhat, but we’re pleased with the result! Client: Oktra Modelled by: Mark Ebbs Job date: May 2020 This stair is unusual in thatContinue reading “Steel Feature Staircase at Berners St, Westminster, London”

Staircase for WeWork, Merchant Square, London

In 2019, LTB Ltd commissioned us to construct a staircase for the WeWork building in Merchant Square, London. We have undertaken various jobs for LTB and WeWork (LTB has the contract to refit offices for WeWork). You can look at the others here if you’re interested! Client: LTB Structural detail by: Mark Ebbs and Draft StructuralContinue reading “Staircase for WeWork, Merchant Square, London”