Staircase for WeWork Finsbury Pavement, London

LTB commissioned LSJ Engineering to construct a staircase for the WeWork building in Finsbury Pavement, London. We have done a handful of jobs for LTB and WeWork – here are the others! This job, at Finsbury Pavement in London, is one of several staircases we have supplied for LTB. LTB have the contract to refit offices for officeContinue reading “Staircase for WeWork Finsbury Pavement, London”

Steel Staircase, Great Sutton St, London

In 2019, Area commissioned LSJ Engineering to design, construct and fit a steel staircase to a commercial building in Great Sutton Street, Farringdon. The aesthetic of this staircase is a little different! In order to create the aesthetic Area wanted, our team worked with architects and designers. Our brief was to make the stair appearContinue reading “Steel Staircase, Great Sutton St, London”

Wood & Glass Staircase, London

In 2018, a private client commissioned LSJ Engineering to construct a wood-and-glass staircase. We had previously worked with this client on a commercial basis. This time, he asked us to design and install a staircase at his home in West London. The property was quite old and the stairwell ran up three floors. The challengeContinue reading “Wood & Glass Staircase, London”

Fire Escape, Woodside, London

T&B Contractors commissioned our team to construct an external fire escape in Woodside, north London. This was a challenging project, because our work needed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s not always easy to make fire escapes look pretty! T&B awarded LSJ Engineering the contract to design, supply and erect a feature externalContinue reading “Fire Escape, Woodside, London”

Staircase for WeWork, Merchant Square, London

In 2019, LTB Ltd commissioned us to construct a staircase for the WeWork building in Merchant Square, London. We have undertaken various jobs for LTB and WeWork (LTB has the contract to refit offices for WeWork). You can see the others here if you’re interested! We designed, supplied and fitted a single story feature stair inContinue reading “Staircase for WeWork, Merchant Square, London”

Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London

In 2015, T&B Contractors commissioned us to construct a staircase with balustrades. This was for Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford, east London. This staircase is an unusual design. One large support stringer runs up the centre of the staircase, with steel plate treads on top, cantilevered out each side. As the balustrade follows the shapeContinue reading “Staircase in Sarah Bonnell School, London”

Vertical Extension and Cantilevered Staircase at Cowcross St, London

Stoneforce commissioned the LSJ Engineering team to build a vertical extension in Cowcross Street, London, in 2018. We fitted a cantilevered staircase on the same job. This was another vertical extension, at Cowcross Street in Farringdon, central London. We supplied and erected a two story extension, on top of a building already three stories high.Continue reading “Vertical Extension and Cantilevered Staircase at Cowcross St, London”